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Mail Order Brides

Mail Order Bride Websites at a Glance: What are They?

Marriage is definitely one of the most serious steps in any person’s life. However, there is a sad statistics: the number of single and divorced people of both sexes is consistently growing from year to year. There are multiple reasons for this phenomenon. We won’t dig deeper into sociology and psychology now. But one of the primary reasons why men and women stay single until their thirties and even forties is simple: they can’t meet a decent partner and don’t know how and where to find him or her.  

It is quite obvious that over the last decades, most spheres of our life have shifted to the Internet. The sphere of personal relationship is no exception, though it can sound a sort of weird. Thirty years ago, people used to form numerous social ties in their real lives. They spent much more time outside their homes. Nowadays, an average citizen of a big city spends at least 50% of his time staring at the screen of his smartphone or laptop. The question is: when and how can he meet a girl of his dream? The answer is: on a mail order bride website.

Tips to Choose the Right Mail Order Bride

Mail Order Sites vs Dating Apps

Why mail order and not any dating app? Let us explain. Traditional dating apps are oriented to quick “overnight” acquaintances. The users of these services are primarily looking for easy no-obligation meetings. The share of happy couples who found each other on a dating site is extremely low. Mail order bride services, in turn, are major (primarily international) platforms with huge databases of single men and women, whose goal is marriage. You are not limited to your city and even country, as the services work virtually everywhere in the world. They are like virtual matchmaking agencies, which help you find a partner with minimum efforts from your party.

The Mechanism of Working of Mail Order Brides Services

If you are confused with the words “mail order brides”, don’t be. This is a generally accepted term that has nothing to do with the actual “ordering” of women by mail. Instead, these services look for single girls and women at your order and provide you with a list of suitable candidates in the chosen region. In other words, they work exactly like conventional matchmaking agencies, which existed long before the era of the Internet.

Instead of wasting your time on a usual dating site, trying to find your dream girl and coming across numerous fakes, on a mail order bride platform, you just buy the membership and get access to the profiles of real ladies looking for marriage. Besides, many agencies offer an array of additional services. Here are some of them.

  • Compiling a database of girls who meet your personal criteria.

  • Assistance in establishing the contacts.

  • Assistance in the portfolio creation (including professional photo sessions.)

  • Translator’s services.

  • Organization of the first meeting (including ordering the plane tickets, booking a hotel and a restaurant if your potential partner lives abroad.)

  • Comprehensive support from A to Z.

Most international agencies available in the UK work in multiple directions, but some of them specialize in particular regions – Russia, Asia, Latin America or Africa. So finding a hot bride from almost any country is not a problem if your intentions are serious enough.

What are the Benefits of Using a Mail Order Bride Service?

We’ve already touched upon the advantages of online matchmaking services. Now, we’d like to enlarge on the point. If you still hesitate, think of the following benefits that mail order wives websites provide.

  1. The probability of scam is minimal. It’s not a secret that all so-called dating sites are saturated with fake profiles. You never know who is masquerading under the picture of a young pretty girl. Half the trouble if it’s just another woman who doesn’t want to demonstrate her real photos. The trouble is that it can be a swindler, whose aim is to put his hands on your money. In the case with a mail order bride website, the agency carries the responsibility for the content. The Internet brides’ profiles undergo a multi-stage verification, including photo, video and live verification.

  2. You don’t have to look for a bride by yourself and waste your time, sorting out numerous candidates. You don’t need to ask about the purpose of communication every time, as all the girls here look for marriage. You just save your time and find a bride much quicker.

  3. You get professional assistance, which is important when it comes to a language barrier. If you want to start communication with a girl from Russia, Poland or Columbia you want to make sure she will understand everything you want to say. It can be a trouble if she doesn’t speak English well while you can’t express yourself in her native language.

  4. European mail order brides services practice a personal approach to their customers. They have professional staff – psychologists and family consultants, who give valuable recommendations and use their vast experience to make perfect matches. They also use advanced machine-learning technology to consider multiple variables when searching for the best possible partners for you.

If your intentions stretch out some further than just hooking up a pretty girl for one-night-stand, the benefits of using legit mail order bride services are obvious. You have nothing to lose and a lot to gain if you try using one of these services for finding women for marriage.

Things to Consider When Looking for a Wife Online

Like all really useful services, the services of finding real foreign brides are not free of charge. So the first thing to consider is mail order bride pricing. It’s strongly recommended to conduct a small research before signing up a particular site because the cost of similar services varies from one agency to another.

Another thing you may want to know is who these international brides really are. Well, according to the statistics, most mail order brides come from the regions where the standard of living is far from being perfect, but there is no severe state censorship in terms of using online services. The most popular countries are Russia and Ukraine; they are followed by Latin America states and some Asian (non-Muslim) countries.

At the same time, you shouldn’t think that the only goal of these girls is finding a “sugar daddy”, who will spend his money on them. Yes, most online brides do want to move somewhere from their home country, and this desire is quite natural. But many of them are quite modest girls, who are just fed up with the life in their country and the men who surround them. They are looking for a reliable and strong partner, and they are ready to become loving wives and caring mothers.

While we are on the subject of statistics, there is one more curious fact. The so-called “online” marriages tend to be stronger and the divorce rate here is lower if compared to conventional marriages. Psychologists explain this phenomenon quite simply. When you seek girls for marriage online, you think with your head first. Love is the cause of your cold-minded choice, not vice versa. In real life, on the contrary, we are often blinded with emotions and don’t see the partner’s drawbacks.

How Much Does It Cost? Mail Order Bride Sites Pricing

Many people mistakenly think that all the services for finding brides online are expensive. We’ll try to convince you otherwise and prove that they are cheap. Let’s suppose you are looking for a bride offline. It’s quite probable you’ll date several girls before you meet the One. Being a well-mannered man, you’ll buy flowers every time. You’ll go out somewhere, for example, to a restaurant. Even if the girl pays her restaurant bills herself, you still spend money every time. You also spend your time on these dates while the final result is ambiguous. You may spend many hours and hundreds of dollars before you succeed.

When using the services of a reputable mail order bride agency you pay only once. All you need is to buy the membership to get access to the girls’ profiles. All the optional services are not mandatory: you buy them only if you wish it. If you succeed in finding a bride and form a happy couple you pay for the services once again. In other words, you pay in arrears.

What is a standard mail order bride services pricing? There is no single answer to this question as the cost varies from one agency to another. Approximately, the initial price is somewhere around $50. The final price that includes traveling to your dream woman can reach $30 000. Is it a high price for personal happiness? Everyone decides for himself.

Frequently Asked Questions

Despite tons of information about mail order bride services available, men continue asking numerous questions about this phenomenon. In our FAQ section, we’ll try to answer the most popular of them.

Where Can I Find Mail Order Brides?

The best way to search for girls online is by using one of the trusted services specializing in the international matchmaking. They are known as mail order bride agencies. To start using the services of the chosen agency one needs to create an account there and complete the procedure of verification. Many sites offer to undergo a psychological survey at this stage. After that, it’s necessary to pay a small fixed fee, which opens access to the profiles of hot pretty wives.

Nowadays, there are a lot of such services to choose from. We recommend you to choose the ones with a spotless reputation, long history, and a large database. Don’t forget to read customer reviews about these sites and visit their official websites.

How Can I Order a Bride Online?

Mail order bride services accept “orders” from their customers and use multiple tools to find perfect matches according to numerous criteria. To make such an order you need to understand clearly, whom you are looking for and give as many personal information as possible. When we say “personal information”, of course, we don’t mean your home address, the details of your bank account and other confidential data.

Personal information includes all types of information that describes you as an individual. It can include your goals, your achievements, hobbies, priorities, beliefs, and life principles. Tell how you see an ideal family (the roles of a husband and a wife, number of children, pets, etc.) Would you like to live in a city or in the country? Are you an extravert or an introvert? Do you have many friends? How do you spend time together? All this information is important for looking for your best half, who may live one thousand miles away from you.

As soon as you placed an order and made a payment, the agency selects the profiles of girls that suit you best. After that, you can choose the ones you like and start communicating with them.

Can I Meet Mail Order Brides? Are They Real?

The global goal of the users of mail order bride sites is marriage. Marriage is impossible without a live meeting. That is why you can meet girls from mail order bride websites. Moreover, the agency itself is interested in your real meeting. Many of them even offer all forms of assistance on your way to meeting your potential bride.

Another question, which men are often concerned about is whether these girls are real or not. As we explained previously, the share of fakes here is very low because of the mandatory verification. And still, there should be some reasonable care. If the behavior of a particular girl seems suspicious (for example, she is consistently recurring to the subject of money, or asks your home address, or tells you a sad story about her parent’s/close friend’s illness and asks you for financial aid) you’d better stop communication and file a complaint.

Meeting Internet brides is quite real. How fast you will meet your bride depends on your and her location. If you are lucky to find your dream girl in your city, you can meet at any moment. Those looking for their happiness abroad can wait several months until they finally see each other.

Is It Legal to Use Mail Order Bride Services?

In the majority of counties, including the UK and most European states, there are no laws forbidding mail order bride services, so don’t do anything illegal by using them. It is like an ordinary dating site with some paid services offered, no more. If you live in a country where the relationship with people from other countries is allowed, then mail order bride agencies are definitely legitimate.

That said, there are some states where the services of this kind are either forbidden on the governmental level or criticized by the society. This is primarily true for some traditional Muslim societies where the attitude towards strangers generally negative. That is why you’ll hardly find any mail order brides from the UAE or Pakistan.

The most important thing you need to understand is that the term “mail order” has nothing to do with human trafficking, which is, of course, illegal all over the world. This is just a general term that refers to finding girls or women (primarily in other countries), who are looking for a man like you. Agencies make research at your order, and this is what the term “order” means in this context.

When it comes to the costs, you also need to realize that you don’t pay for a bride herself. You pay for the whole range of services provided by the website. First and foremost, these services include access to the database of single women collected by the site. It’s quite normal to pay for information, and there are no laws that forbid it.

The Bottom Line

What is a mail order bride service? In the modern circumstances, this is, probably, the easiest and the most effective way to find a partner for marriage in almost any corner of the world. Their main differences from popular dating sites are large databases of verified accounts of real single girls and women, wide coverage, and an array of additional services provided.

According to the statistics, the couples formed as a result of online dating are the strongest. The divorce rate in these couples s is the lowest. At the same time, the share of a happy relationship that ends up with marriage is higher if compared to free dating apps.

Mail order bride platforms are legal in the majority of countries. As long as you don’t have any illegal intentions, you may use these services without the fear of being fined or jailed. This is as legal as the relationship between a man and a woman can be.


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